Ranger’s cutting-edge 6-Speed transmission and refined 3.2L TDCi Diesel Engine deliver all the power and torque you need for the biggest jobs, without compromising efficiency.

3.2L TDCi Diesel Engine

Ranger’s best-in-class 5-cylinder 3.2L TDCi diesel engine delivers the power and torque you’ve come to expect from a Ranger, with impressive fuel efficiency.

2.2L TDCi Diesel Engine

More power. Greater torque. Improved fuel efficiency. Ranger’s upgraded 4-cylinder 2.2L TDCi diesel engine pumps out the extra power you need to conquer any task.

6-speed Transmission

Ford’s best-in-class 6-speed Transmission is delivering more power, more torque, and improved fuel efficiency.


Step 2:
Say: “Call” + the phone number.


Step 3:
Say: “Dial” to call the number, OR
“Delete” to cancel the last number, OR
“Clear” to delete all numbers and start again, OR
Continue saying the number.


Step 4:
To end your call, press and hold the red Phone button on your steering wheel.

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Trailer Sway Assist

Constantly monitors behaviour of the tow vehicle and trailer and automatically corrects instability or ‘sway’ using a left-right braking pattern and engine torque.