Step 1

Run the wiper arm to the upper position (extreme position).

Step 2

Prepare a bucket of water and a sponge. Pour some diluted soapy water into the bucket. Note: Do not use any detergent.

Step 3

Raise the wiper blade, stop at the upper position, and clean the front windshield.

Step 4

Softly clean the wiper blade by using a dampened sponge along the length of the wiper blade. Support the wiper blade with hands when cleaning to avoid excessive bending. Note: Do not drop the wiper blade suddenly, which will impact the front windshield.

Step 5

Wiper blades can be removed and cleaned separately (refer to the description in the Owner Manual).

Step 6

Immerse the wiper blade into the water bucket and softly clean it by using a sponge along the length of the wiper blade. Do not bend the wiper blade excessively.