Next-Gen Everest

Masterful Capability





Selectable Drive Modes1

Everest gives you command of six on- and off-road drive modes to help master every terrain.


For everyday use, tailored to on-road driving and calibrated to deal with all conditions.


Maximises fuel economy by optimising power and transmission as well as cruise control tuning.


For use while towing or carrying heavy loads. Tow/Haul mode tailors gear shift timing to maintain the best power delivery and engine braking.


In Slippery mode, The engine, transmission and Traction Control systems are tuned to reduce wheel spin and slip on slippery road surfaces.


Automatically engaging the Rear Electronic Diff Lock, this mode is also tuned to maximise grip and maintain vehicle momentum while allowing wheels to spin at speed to clear mud from the tyre tread.


For use on soft sand and deep snow1. Sand mode optimises power, gear shifts and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) to maintain momentum and minimise braking distances. It also automatically engages the Rear Electronic Diff Lock.

Dual recovery points

Dual front recovery points means access to your Everest even if one side is buried in mud or sand, and allows the use of balance straps during snatch recoveries.

800mm Water Wading

800mm Water Wading

Ready to tackle anything, Everest has exceptional water wading capability across the entire line-up.

Built Ford Tough DNA

Everest isn’t just superb to look at and drive, it’s reinforced by Ford’s undeniably tough off-road heritage. Built from the ground up to be the complete package, there is no compromise.


Off-Road Screens2

Turn Everest ’s touch screen into an off- road command hub! See front camera views, path overlay, pitch and roll info and access features such as diff lock all in the one place.


Comfortable, central and where fitted, with advanced automated parking features4 at hand, Everest’s new e-shifter delivers next-generation control.

Off-road Capability1

Next-gen Everest has more built-in capability than ever, with everything you need to take on your next adventure.

Next-Gen Everest

Important Information

1. Some drive modes only available on 4×4 models.

2. Off-road camera views are only available where a 360-degree camera is fitted. Vehicles without a 360-degree camera will have a partial off-road screen.

3. E-shifter disclaimer: e-shifter is only available on 4WD models.

4. Where Active Park Assist 2.0 is fitted.

5. Technologies, features and designs may vary depending on available models. Please find additional details of each model/series or contact Ford dealerships for more information.

6. Actual product color may slightly differ from the images shown. ​