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Ford Genuine Parts

As a Ford owner, the Ford Customer Service Division offers you a wide range of genuine parts and services providing you with peace of mind motoring. No one knows your Ford like we do.


Regular servicing and general vehicle maintenance is integral to reliability, roadworthiness and helping ensure your vehicle operates as intended. Servicing also allows Ford trained technicians to identify any potential problems or worn components before they become major safety concerns or turn into costly repairs.

Insisting on Ford Service is the best way to take care of your Ford and enjoy maximum.

Genuine Parts
Ford is committed to ensuring that you always enjoy maximum performance, protection and safety from your vehicle – year after year. The best way of doing this is to always fit Genuine Parts to your Ford. We take pride in supplying high quality replacement parts. All Genuine Ford Parts are engineered and tested to ensure that they meet our vehicle’s design standards.
Genuine Ford Parts Warranty
Ford has the highest confidence in the quality and performance of its products and therefore warrants Genuine Ford Parts purchased from and fitted by an authorized Ford Dealer. Genuine Ford Parts are designed to meet the highest level of quality expected not only by Ford, but also by our customers.