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Next-Gen Ranger

Bigger, Tougher, Smarter

Wider design now fits ‘Euro’ pallet across all body styles

Rear Box Side Step

Attached directly to the frame this tough integrated step makes accessing the cargo area easier and safer than ever before.

Wider Stance

Ranger’s muscular and athletic design is clear in the new fender flares and larger wheel arches and 50mm increased track width for a dramatic sculpted effect.

50mm Increased width and wheelbase

We’ve increased the track width to create a more stable and agile appearance. The wheelbase has been increased to create less overhang at the front and to enhance its off-road ability1.

Coast-to-Coast Dash

With simple and clean lines, the coast-to-coast dash features a large
integrated LCD touchscreen. Integrated into the doors on each side,
the new dash enhances the sense of cabin width.

C-Clamp LED headlamps

Flanking the bold new grille, the C-Clamp shaped headlamps give next-gen Ranger that unmistakable ‘Built Ford Tough’ look.

Embossed Tailgate & LED tail lamps

Continuing the Ford truck look in the back, the LED tail lamps clamp onto the new tailgate, now proudly stamped with RANGER.

Designed for your Ranger Life

Our job is to bring you the world’s best truck for work, play and family. Letting
you live your Ranger life, your way.

Next-Gen Ranger

Important Information
  1. Always consult the Owner’s Manual before off-road driving, know your terrain and trail difficulty, and use appropriate safety gear.
  2. Some overseas model and accessories shown. Myanmar specification may vary. More information will be announced soon.
  3. Not all vehicle features will be available in all markets. Precise specifications for each market will be confirmed prior to launch.​