Next-Gen Ranger

Next-Gen Power and Capability


Bi Turbo

Improved Engines

Next-gen Ranger gives you the engine to tackle anything. Get the power, torque and economy you need for work, family and play, off-road and on. Manual and automatic transmissions are more refined, responsive and efficient.

Selectable Drive Modes1

New Selectable Drive Modes optimize performance for different surfaces, road conditions
and vehicle usage. Depending on model, drive modes include the following:


This mode is designed for everyday use. Tailored to on road driving and calibrated to deal with all conditions.


Maximises fuel economy by delivering progressive power and early gear shifts together with more economical cruise control tuning and tailored climate control strategies.

Tow Haul

For use whilst towing or carrying heavy loads. Optimises gear shift timing to maintain best power delivery and engine breaking and reduced shift busyness.


For use on slippery road surfaces. Engine and transmission working in conjunction with unique Ford Stability Control help to reduce wheel spin.


Tuned to maximise grip during launch and maintain vehicle momentum but allowing wheels to spin up at speed and clear mud from the tyre tread.


For use on soft sand and deep snow. Optimised power delivery and gear shifts along with tuned Ford Stability Control to maintain vehicle momentum and minimise braking distances. 

Off-Road Screens2

Turn Ranger’s touch screen into an off- road command hub! See front and rear camera views, path
overlay, pitch and roll info and access features such as diff lock all in the one place.

Outboard Shocks

The rear dampers were moved outboard of the springs which makes for a more controlled ride whatever the surface.

Underbody Protection

Steel under vehicle protection systems have been specially engineered to shield components such as steering, sump, transmission and transfer case.

Built Ford Tough DNA

One thing hasn’t changed. Built Ford Tough DNA flows through every inch of Next-gen Ranger, designed and engineered to be the one truck that can take on anything.

Off Road Ready3

Next-gen Ranger isn’t just a first-class work truck, it’s an absolute off-road beast.

Next-Gen Ranger

Important Information
  1. Some drive modes only available on 4×4 models.
  2. Off-road camera views are only available where a 360-degree camera is fitted. Vehicles without a 360-degree camera will have a partial off-road screen.
  3. Indicative pre-production vehicle specifications and images shown. Specifications and features on production model may vary.