Next-Gen Ranger

Next-Gen Level of Tech


SYNC®4A is a cloud-connected in-vehicle communication and entertainment system. There’s a host of features, made easier by the system showing your last 5 actions. The information cards are simple to navigate using intuitive gestures. With wireless smartphone integration, and a 10.1” or best-in-class 12” touchscreen, you’ll experience a whole new world of connectivity through your vehicle.4

Ford Power Up Updates

Designed to evolve over time. In the future, you will be able to secure Ford Power-Up updates offer enhancements from updating the SYNC®4A software, to upgrades that improve your vehicle’s quality, capability and convenience without the need to go into the Dealer. Larger updates can be installed over Wi-Fi at a time and a place that suits you.

Digital Owner’s Manual

No more searching through hundreds of printed pages. Access your digital owner’s manual, ‘how to’ videos, information on vehicle features and a whole lot more – available through your SYNC®4A touchscreen.4

360O Camera - Enhance Your Visibility

From the large centre display, choose from multiple camera views to see more than ever. This includes a
bird’s eye 360 degree top-down view, 180 degree front and rear split view, Front off road view and rear trailer
hitch view.5

Off-Road Screens

Dedicated off-road screens provide the ability to have a split screen configuration with front camera combined with
a digital pitch and roll screen. Drivers can also activate various off-road modes via the screen include hill descent
control and locking the differentials.5

Smarter Climate Control

Smarter, quieter and more capable, Ranger’s new climate system adjusts faster and more efficiently. New zone sensors and rear vents enable max comfort for everyone in the cabin.

Wireless Charging Pad

Avoid the hassle of having to plug in your phone. Place it on the Ranger’s wireless charging pad and you are good to go.7

A Connected Experience

View your Vehicle Status and receive Health Alerts such as tire pressure and battery levels. Locate the vehicle, unlock the vehicle, (where fitted) and start your vehicle to activate the Climate Control to the last setting.6

Digital Instrument Cluster

A first for Ranger! Configure the cluster your way by toggling through screen
options via steering wheel controls. Different configurable gauges available.

Wireless Connection

Connect to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto without a cable in sight.
This cordless connection makes life easy and uncluttered.8

Next-Gen Ranger

Important Information
  1. Some overseas model and accessories shown. Myanmar specification may vary. More information will be announced soon.
  2. Not all vehicle features will be available in all markets. Precise specifications for each market will be confirmed prior to launch.
  3. Do not drive while distracted or while using handheld devices. Only use SYNC®4A when it is safe to do so. Use voice-operated system when possible. Some features may be locked out while the vehicle is in gear. Not all SYNC®4A features are compatible with all phones.
  4. Driver Assist Features are supplemental and do not replace the driver’s attention, judgment and need to control the vehicle.
  5. Use of FordPass™ is subject to the FordPass™ Terms and Privacy Policy and requires a compatible mobile device, internet access and software (including software updates from time to time). You are responsible for internet access, mobile network data and voice call services required for your use of the FordPass™ App on your mobile device, including associated fees. The FordPass™ App and the FordPass™ Connect modem can only work when both are connected to the telecommunications network. Ford cannot guarantee FordPass™ will be fully operational at all times and the App may be unavailable or particular services interrupted. Ford is not responsible for any limitations of the telecommunications network or your mobile device.
    1. 1. Vehicle Health Alerts
      1. a. These notifications should not be used or relied upon in place of normal vehicle maintenance.
      2. b. If at any time you believe there may be an issue or problem with your vehicle, consult with a professional for diagnosis and required maintenance.
    1. 2. Unlock the vehicle
      1. a. Remote Lock and Unlock attends to the vehicle cabin doors, bonnet, boot or tailgate. It does not include sunroof where fitted. In other words, if you have left your sunroof open, and lock your vehicle remotely, it will not close your sunroof.
      2. b. The Remote Lock feature will work even if you leave your key or key fob in the car.
      3. c. Always take your key or key fob with you when you leave your vehicle.
    1. 3. Start your vehicle to activate the Climate Control to the last setting.
      1. a. When the Remote Start command is activated (and the cabin doors are closed), the alarm system is active but in a reduced guard mode to avoid false alarms. The perimeter alarm remains fully active, however vehicles capable of double locking will revert to single stage central locking. Should a cabin door be ajar when Remote Start is activated, the vehicle will attempt the locking cycle (confirmation of single stage locking), and the Remote Start function will still operate successfully.
      2. b. For safety precautions, FordPass will only successfully remote start the vehicle twice. On the third attempt, you will receive an error message requiring you to start the vehicle manually.
      3. c. Remote Start is not compatible with manual transmissions and therefore not available on manual models.
      4. d. Please use Remote Start responsibly, only in well ventilated areas and where you are aware of your vehicle’s surroundings.
  6. Wireless charging may not be compatible with all phones.
  7. Apple CarPlay™ / Android Auto™ requires phone with compatible version of Apple iOS / Android (as applicable) and active data service. SYNC®4A does not control Apple CarPlay / Android Auto while in use. Apple / Google and other third parties are responsible for their respective functionality.Apple CarPlay™ is trademark of Apple Inc. Android Auto™ is trademarks of Google Inc