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We want you to be able to concentrate on the road. Especially when the weather turns bad. So we designed wipers that do the thinking for you. In rain, or when a passing car sends water onto your windscreen, our Rain-Sensing Wipers turn on automatically.

How It Works

  • Sensors behind the rear view mirror can detect if there’s water on the windscreen.
  • The wipers automatically turn on and adjust their speed to ensure the windscreen is clear, as soon as the sensors detect water on the windscreen. Heavy rain, faster speed. Light rain, intermittent wiping.

You’re in Control

  • The wiper controls on the stick have a sensitivity setting. You can adjust the sensitivity of your wipers to high or low. The higher the sensitivity, the faster and more often your wipers will work.
  • You can always take control back and work your wipers manually by using the wiper controls as normal.

Available on:

Starting Price: $24,995

Starting Price: $47,995


[1] Feature may not be available on all models within vehicle range. Check vehicle specifications for details