Car Maintenance


Thank you for your attention and for being a loyal Ford customer. We hope you’ve been experiencing the joy of driving a Ford vehicle. Cars of different brands have different operation and structural characteristics. Based on past experiences, we find that some complaints or dissatisfactions are generated due to not understanding the design and structural characteristics of the car or incorrect operation skills. To avoid these misunderstandings, we have specially prepared this car use guidance, which introduces some key function characteristics and some general knowledge on car use. We would like to remind you that the information in this guide is only for your reference and this guide cannot replace the Car Owner Manual. We recommend you to carefully read the Owner’s Manual. You can get detailed information of your car from the Owner Manual, especially the information about standardized operation of the car and driving safety.

It is expected that this car use guide can help you learn more about Ford cars and become a car use expert.

Importance of Regular Maintenance

A car is made of tens of thousands of parts, which are made of different materials, including metal, glass, rubber and various petrochemical materials. If a car has been driven for a long period under different working conditions, all parts will wear or deteriorate with the increase of mileage, use time and impact of the use environment. If these parts further work without maintenance, they may exceed their service life and gradually degrade car performance. Gradually, problems will be extended to other components from specific parts and may even cause an accident. Regular maintenance is very important and is related to the service life of cars and driving safety.

As the saying goes, "70% of a car's service life depends on maintenance and 30% depends on repair". Regular maintenance can extend the service life of a car. When a car breaks down, its repair cost is several times higher than the regular maintenance cost. After an overhaul, it is difficult to restore the performance of the car to what it used to be.

Regular maintenance is important because it can repair and replace normally worn and torn parts and components of a car, identify and solve potential troubles and failures in time through comprehensive car detection, and ensure that car components
and the whole car are in normal condition.

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