Next-Gen Everest

Distinguished Design


Stronger and Wider

More where it counts. Increased width firmly plants Everest at its corners.  The updated chassis and refined suspension are tougher and more capable, and the bold, rugged exterior reflects that.

C-Clamp Headlamps

Instantly recognizable, Ford’s signature design DNA is reflected in the C-Clamp Headlamps that flank Everest’s commanding grille. This is what capability looks like.

LED Taillights

LED tail lamps set in a full-width design emphasise Everest’s increased track. The extra 50mm plants the vehicle on its wheels creating a strong and muscular stance.

Elevating Every Corner

You spend so much time here, it deserves to be exceptional. Sophisticated, spacious and beautifully crafted with new soft touch finishes, Everest’s interior is designed and engineered to be a sanctuary. This is the new benchmark for SUVs in the category.

Next-Gen Everest

Important Information

Indicative pre-production vehicle specifications and images shown. Specifications and features on production model may vary.


Technologies, features and designs may vary depending on available models. Please find additional details of each model/series or contact Ford dealerships for more information.


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