Next-Gen Ownership

Ford is a family company, and we’ve made a promise to treat our customers like family too. Your vehicle is just the start of our journey together. We want your time driving a Ford to be easy, convenient and feel like you are always connected to the next generation of technology and services.

We like you to think that buying a Ford is like joining one big family, where we talk to each other, share knowledge and know how to help when it’s needed. To do that, we are introducing new tools and services that are designed to adapt to your needs throughout the life of your vehicle. Smart thinking to enhance your ownership experience.

Guided Shopping

Our online shopping experience keeps getting better. Real time enhancements with Immersive A/R, guided shopping tools and in-chat conversations will make getting what you are looking for so much simpler.

Onboarding assistance

We will be introducing a series of new services  there to help guide you to get the most out of your vehicle. Expert advise from our team, contextually relevant information when you need it and personalized education.

More convenient Service

When it comes to Service, we are building a network of convenient solutions like Online booking, pick-up and delivery or service loan vehicles. New convenient solutions help you stay on the go.

Listening to your vehicle

Get peace of mind knowing that your vehicle’s health and performance are being kept up to date. The benefits of Ford Pass will continue to grow, with connected vehicle health alerts that give you visibility to what is happening under the hood

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Important Information
  1. Technologies, features and designs may vary depending on available models. Please find additional details of each model/series or contact Ford dealerships for more information.
  2. Actual product color may slightly differ from the images shown. ​