Voice Settings Commands

You can say the following commands to access the voice settings:
Note: Depending on the current climate control settings, the fan speed may automatically go down while issuing voice commands or while making and receiving phone calls via SYNC™ to reduce the amount of background noise in the vehicle. The fan speed will automatically return to normal operation once the voice session ends. Fan speed can also be adjusted normally during a voice session, simply press fan buttons (or turn fan knob) to increase or decrease fan speed to desired setting.
To disable this automatic fan speed reduction feature during voice sessions, press and hold the climate control AC and Recirculated air buttons simultaneously, release and then increase fan speed within 2 seconds. To re-enable this feature, repeat the above sequence.

Action and Description
Voice Commands
Allows you to enter the voice settings functionality.
“Voice Settings”
Sets standard prompting with longer prompts.
“Interaction Mode Standard”
Sets advanced prompting with shorter prompts.
“Interaction Mode Advanced”
Allows the system to confirm before making a phone call.
“Phone Confirmation On”
The system does not confirm before placing a call.
“Phone Confirmation Off”
The system displays a short list of available commands.
“Voice Command Lists On”
The system does not display the list of commands.
“Voice Command Lists Off”