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Phone Calls

When SYNCTM is in Phone mode, say any of the following commands:

Voice Commands

Call contacts in phonebook

“Call<name><at home/at work/on mobile/on other>”
eg.: “Call Mom”
eg.: “Call Mom on mobile”
Call number
“Dial”(SYNCTM  will ask for the number)“<number>”
Eg.: “Dial 1-800-5-5-5-1-2-3-4”
Turn on ringer
“Phone menu” (SYNCTM will ask for command) “Set phone ringer”
Turn off ringer
“Phone menu” (SYNCTM พร้อมรับคำสั่ง) “Set ringer off”
Hear possible phone commands
“Phone help”
Switch audio from car speakers to phone (privacy)
“Go to privacy”
Place call on hold / pick up call
“Hold call <on/off>”
Mute call
“Mute call on”
Unmute call
“Unmute call”
Allow incoming call to join a call in session
“Join calls”