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How to pair your Mobile Phone

To use your phone hands-free with SYNCTM, you need to pair it first. Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth® is turned on.

Note: Some smartphones use a four-digit Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) and cannot accept the six-digit PIN provided by SYNCTM. To pair this type of phone, follow the alternate instructions listed for step 4.

Make sure:

• Your phone is compatible with SYNCTM and the Bluetooth® is turned on

• Your vehicle is in Park and running, not in Accessory mode

Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG Inc., and is used under license. Some phones are not compatible.


Touch the Phone corner on your 8-inch touchscreen.

Touch Add Phone.


Enter the six-digit number that appears on the touchscreen into your phone. (Four-digit PIN smartphones should follow the alternate instructions listed below)


Connected successfully appears when your phone is paired. SYNCTM 2 will now connect automatically to your phone when you start your engine.

*If you have more than one paired phone, SYNCTM 2 will ask if you want to make this phone your Favourite. This is the phone SYNCTM 2 will automatically connect to when there’s more than one paired phone in the car. If you don’t set a Favourite, SYNCTM will automatically connect to the most recently paired phone.


SYNCTM 2 will then ask, Set automatic phonebook download to ON? If you choose yes, your phonebook may take up to several minutes to download, depending on your number of contacts.

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