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Playing Music – USB Player/iPod

Use your voice to browse and select music on your iPod or music player. You can even ask SYNC™ to play songs by name.

iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc.

Make sure:

· Your device is plugged in to the USB port and the index upload complete

· You say names and titles exactly as they’re listed on your device

  1. Press the Voice button and say “USB,” or “USB” if more than one device is connected.
  2. SYNC™ will confirm and ask for a command. Say any of the following:
    – “Play <previous / next> track”
    – “Play album / genre / playlist <name>”
    – “Pause” / “Play”
    – “Repeat” / “Repeat off”
    – “Shuffle” / “Shuffle off”
    – “Similar music” (Plays other tracks in the same genre or category)
    – “What is playing?”