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Phone Calls

When SYNC™ is in Phone mode, say any of the following commands:

Voice Commands
1. Call contacts in phonebook
“Call<name><at home/at work/on mobile/on other>”
eg.: “Call Mom”
eg.: “Call Mom on mobile”
2. Dial
“Dial”(Ford SYNCTM will ask for the number)”<phone number>”
eg.: “Dial 1-800-5-5-5-1-2-3-4”
3. Turn on ringer
“Phone menu” (Ford SYNCTM will ask for the number) “Set phone ringer”
(You can then configure up to 3 ringtones)
4. Turn off ringer
“Phone menu” (Ford SYNCTM will ask for command) “Set ringer off”
5. Hear possible phone commands
“Phone help”
If a call is active, use the following commands:
1. Switch audio from car speakers to phone (privacy)
“Transfer to phone”
2. Turn off privacy off (back to car speakers, hands-free)
“Transfer to car”
3. Place call on hold/take call off hold
“Hold call<on /off>”
4. Mute/unmute call
“Mute call<on /off>”
5. Combine two calls to begin a conference call
“Join call?”