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Audio Controls

NOTE: Controls vary based on whether your vehicle is equipped with the corresponding features and your vehicle’s configuration. The control buttons in your vehicle may differ.


The Volume and System Power may be one or two separate buttons that turn the audio system on and off, as well as increase and decrease sound of audio source and SYNC™ 3 voice.

Note: To raise or lower the volume of the SYNC™ 3 voice, adjust the volume control up or down while the SYNC™ voice is speaking.


The Seek buttons rewind and fast forward CD tracks and cycle through radio stations.


Once you’ve selected AM, or FM use the Tune button to choose stations.


USB ports provide input for USB supported media playing devices and USB drives containing SYNC™ software updates, or your own entertainment selections. These ports also charge USB supported devices.

The USB ports may be found in the centre console or at the bottom of the Audio Controls panel.

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