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How to hear text messages with voice commands and SYNC™ 3

With a simple voice command, SYNC™ 3 enables you to listen to text messages while your phone is securely put away. You may also be able to reply with one of 15 pre-set messages with voice commands.

Note: Text messaging is a phone-dependent feature. View the SYNC™ 3 compatibility chart for your device.

Before you start

Check your phone’s compatibility with SYNC™ 3.

Pair your phone with SYNC™ 3.

If you have an iPhone, please see “Receiving iPhone text messages with SYNC™ 3”


Use Siri Eyes-Free and your iPhone to personalize text messages

With Siri Eyes-Free, you can use your iPhone to send personalized replies to text messages. To use this feature, activate and tell Siri whom you want to text and what you want to say in your message. Siri will read your text back to you to confirm it and then send it when it’s ready. Siri Eyes-Free is the only option for replying to text messages with voice and personalized messages with an iPhone.

Learn more about receiving iPhone text messages with SYNC™ 3.